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In 1989, Kolin Electronics Industrial Supply was established as a sole proprietorship. The company engaged itself in manufacturing, assembling and marketing of power supplies like Converter-Charger, Regulated Power Supply and Automatic Voltage Regulator on a nationwide scale.

During the first two years, Kolin has earned a reputation for its outstanding quality products. The Kolin name has since been known as one of the pioneers and trusted brands in the field of A.V.R. and power supplies manufacturing. With its growing leadership, the company became a prime supplier to electronics manufacturing industry leaders by providing solutions and accepting OEM/ODM job orders.

In 1991 Kolin celebrated a milestone when it began the manufacture of audio related products. Kolin introduced the stereo audio boosters and the public address (P.A.) amplifier systems that paved the way for improved communication in electoral campaigns, church, school and other organizational indoor or outdoor activities. Kolin's P.A. system has since become the most sought after P.A. brand, from the Aquino to the Arroyo presidency.

In late 1995, Kolin Electronics Industrial Supply was incorporated, and has since used the name Kolin Electronics Company, Inc.

Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. moved to its new office and factory at 2731 Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines 1014. Its transition has triggered an ambitious vision & mission and a continuous commitment to QUALITY, RELIABILITY, SERVICE and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

With active Research and Development, the company has been producing OEM audio mixers with true digital echo effect under the brand MAXLIN.

In 1999, Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. after careful planning, designing, and rigid testing, introduced its first mosfet-driven power amplifier.

In 2001, the company once again produced a new product-- Microchip controlled Sequential Light Controller. During the same year, Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. was recognized as a key producer and importer of pro-audio equipment.

To date, Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. has been carrying the following brands of pro-audio equipment: ORG Audio Processors, Power Amplifiers, and Loudspeaker cabinet boxes; SVENTA Power Amplifiers; Audio Processors; KESLER Audio Processors and Power Amplifiers, Lumilites, Audiocenter.

Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. locally produces and carries the following brands: KOLIN Power Supplies-- Converter-Charger, Automatic Voltage Regulator (A.V.R.), Transformers, Stepdown Transformers; Stereo Audio Boosters; Public Address (P.A.) Amplifier Systems; Stereo Power Amplifiers; Sequential Light Controllers; MCU controlled Light Controllers; KOLINWIDE & KOLIN GOLD A.V.R.; EXCELPLUS & EXCELSUPER A.V.R.; AUTHORITY A.V.R. designed for PC only; MAXLIN Regulated Power Supply, 3, 6 & 8 Mic Line Mixer w/ true digital echo effect; PROSYSTEM A.V.R. designed for PC only.

Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. distinguishes itself from other companies with the way it values its 3 C's policy-- Customers First; Consistent Quality; and Commendable Service.


To keep moving forward in providing competitively-priced products

while building strategic and sustainable partnerships with our customers


KOLIN Electronics Company Inc. aims to become the leading nationwide seller and distributor of quality

electronic, pro audio video products; as well as providing a personalized customer service base in building a

nationwide support network in keeping with our motto ---"the quality that you call in"

Our Brands

  • Crell
  • Audio Center
  • Baikal
  • Eartec
  • Black Magic
  • Sventa